Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Second Save

The following post is one that I made last fall on our old blogging system. I thought it was cute, and it is a true story, so I thought it was worthy to re-post to our new blog.

Today we got to be the hero in one local high school cheerleader’s heart (and perhaps her parent’s hearts too). It seems that in all the anticipation of the football team’s opening game tonight, our young lady had forgotten that it was her responsibility to get her cheerleader’s megaphone lettered with her name and the school mascot’s name on it. When she and her parents came into the store late this afternoon with the unlettered megaphone and told us what they needed to put on it, they asked with a slightly noticable sense of anguish in their voice, “How soon can you do it?” It turns out that they needed it in an hour. Well, we did the work and an hour later a relieved parent came to pick it up. I think there might be a very grateful cheerleader some where out there tonight. It’s one of the neat things I like about this job. Happy to do it. Glad to be of service.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Signs and Banners in Roseville - Lobby Lettering, Three Demensional Lettering

Today, Signs On Time installed 3-dementional lettering in an office lobby that is a good representation of the dramatic effects from shadowing. Adding spacers between the wall and the letters gives you this option.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Signs and Banners in Roseville - Vector vs Raster graphics for sign making - Signs On Time blog

When people want Signs On Time to reproduce their logo or some other digital image for their signs, posters, and banners, most people have a hard time understanding why an image or art work needs to be in a vector format rather than a raster type of format, say, a jpg, or a tif formated art file.

As you can see from the illustration, with a vector format, the art file can be enlarged to any size, without losing any resolution, where as with other files, resolution is lost when enlarged.

Most digital art is created in vector format. This is the Vector vs. Raster format graphics illustration.