Friday, March 25, 2011

Lincoln Airport Signage

Signs On Time often makes signage for the Lincoln Airport. They often get aluminum signage to advertise for the people in the airport. The signs below are 12"x58" .080 aluminum that can have as many colors as needed. These signs are very sturdy and last for many years.

The below signage is a swing set a-frame. The sign itself is 3' tall x 2' wide. When wind comes up, the sign flows with the wind and doesn't become an issue (unless there are high winds, in that case, we would recommend bringing the sign in).

The a-frame signs can be single or double sided with as many colors, graphics or text as you would like. A-frames are great for advertising you store, or even a sale. They are brought in every day and are very light weight, so this is manageable. Give us a call today to get a price quote. We would love to help!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Restroom ADA Signs

Signs On Time makes many different types of ADA signage. We make anything from exit, exit route, handicapped accessible signs to custom made ADA signage and so much more.

Last week, we made some custom restroom ADA signs for a local contracting company. They needed something special that met the requirements of their customer. They requested a stainless steel surface with black pictograms.

Since stainless steel is so expensive, I recommended a brushed aluminum surface with the black pictograms. They were so happy with the final product and for the fact that they saved money not purchasing the stainless steel, but getting the same look.

If we have another option for something that you need, we will let you know. We just want you to be happy with the end product. We can make anything you need. Give us a call today for a price quote.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Materials & Uses

Signs On Time makes all sorts of signs. From job site signage to yard signs. From exterior building signage to name badges. You need it, we can make it. We will always give you recommendations to what we may think would be best for your use.

If your business orders a banner and is in a high wind area, we would recommend wind holes. Now, these aren't actually holes in the banner, more like slits to allow the wind to pass through without damaging the banner.

If there might by a lot of pressure on the corners for a long period of time, we may recommend having the corners reinforced.

If a pole is needed to help support the banner, we would be using pole pockets (we don't supply the poles).

We make signs out of many different types of materials. If you are uncertain of what to use, we can recommend something the would suit your signage needs best.
One of the uncommon materials is acrylic. Acrylic is one of the durable materials, which is a thin plastic material.

Dibond is another sturdy material. It is a 1/8" thick rigid composite board consisting of a hard plastic core laminated with aluminum on both sides.

This is styrene (with an easel back). If you don't need the easel back, you don't have to have it. This is a flexible indoor plastic. The easel back is made out of cardboard.

This is rhino board. It is a tough, rigid, yet light weight board that stands up to weather.

These are just some of our uncommon materials that we do use. We carry many other types of material that are used for many different types of signage. We will help you choose what is best for your usage. Contact us today and we'll help you get started.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Baseball Team Banners

Well, it's that time of year to start ordering your baseball team banners. Right now, we have a special going. If you mention this, you receive a 15% discount on your 3'x5' banner.

The banner can be full color and have nay graphics and text you would like. We can help you come up with the design, or you can bring in your own graphic. Either way works for us. If you check out our sports page, it has some samples of what we've made in the past. We always send a proof, so you can see what your banner will look like before you get it.
Let's get started on your banner today!