Monday, October 31, 2011

Score Board Sponsor Signage

A little while back, Signs On Time had made some sponsor signs for the local high school. There were sponsors that needed to be added to their score board.

These signs are 2'x3' signs. Don't they look so small (but, they fit perfectly with the rest of the board). It always depends on where you place your signage as to how big (or small) it may look. It also depends on the surroundings. It there are multiple small(er) things around your big(ger) signage, it will look bigger. Perspective is everything.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ready to Slide into Home!

McBean Park in Lincoln asked us to make some 3 dimensional letters for them. They wanted something easy to read, nice looking and inexpensive. It looks so small from a distance and they look metal.

But, when you look up close, they are actually 18" tall plastic letters. You can't really tell that they're plastic, until you're right ton top of them.

Take another look. Looks like metal letters to me.

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