Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Menus that make you hungry

A few weeks ago, Fat's restaurant wanted to re-do his menus for his Folsom and Roseville restaurants. When the prices changed, he would bring in the menu boards, and we would change them. He wished to no longer do that. So, he requested that we print the image below.

He was able to send us very high resolution photos and the items name. We printed what art he gave us and it came out so crisp and clean! It really looks nice and like the food is right there is front of you!

We mounted the print to a 25"x63"x1/2" thick piece of black PVC. we applied the tracks that were on his old boards, and he had brand new menus.

We can design menus or we can print anything you give us. If you send us art, we will let you know if it will be high enough resolution to look nice.