Thursday, December 16, 2010

Office Directories

When I walk into an office, I like being able to read the directory easily and be able to clearly see where I need to go. Here is a directory that we made for Sierra College.

With this directory, we can match your colors and have anything printed on the sliders. The best thing about this is that the directional part is interchangeable. Just give us a call when you need something changed and we can come out there and change it.
The frame, itself is brushed silver with the changeable sliders. On this directory, the sliders are each 2"x8". They come in many different sizes and colors. The sliders are very easy to change, if you would prefer, you can change them. We will explain everything to you. We want to make everything as easy as we possibly can for you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PCCA Meeting & ADA Signage

This morning, Kay and I went to a PCCA meeting. This meeting helps us understand how to properly look through specs and plans to bid our construction customers. We learned a lot and we look forward to giving a lot of quotes!

Yesterday, I just finished an ADA order that we produced for Reeve-Knight Construction. They ordered a lot of ADA signage. These signs are 3"x12" blue with white text. They have braille under neath the text.

These signs are some restroom ADA signs. They are 12"x8" blue with white text and braille. These differ from standard ADA restroom signs by their size. The standard size is 9"x6".

As you can see, we can make any size, color and quantities. If your specs do not match what we are aware for the current standards, we will let you know (it happens occasionally). Contact us today to receive a free quote!