Thursday, May 6, 2010

Short Quantity Runs of Decals and Labels

Today I'm going to talk about decals and labels. These can be used in a lot different ways so I'm not going to talk about how or where to use them. I'm going to talk about cost and availability.

In the recent past, when you ordered decals or labels, the set up cost was fairly expensive so in order to make it cost effective, you usually had to order minimums of 500 or 1,000 at a time. Even ordering in those quantities, it could be fairly expensive unless you ordered quite a bit more, like 5,000 or so. The more you ordered, the cheaper per thousand it got. And on top of it all, you were probably charged a little extra for each additional color and any bleeds in the print.

That has changed. Some of the larger wholesale houses still operate that way because their equipment is such that they still have large set up costs. But with new technology in digital, full color printing, and contour cutting, small runs of decals have become available and very affordable.

At Signs On Time, we produce large quantity runs of decals down to very small runs that are very affordable, in house. We do full color, even contour cut decals at no extra charge. So in the past, maybe you didn't have a need for 1,000 decals contour cut around your logo, but with small runs now so affordable and so quickly available, who knows, maybe you could find a need for 20 or so.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Banner Stands for Trade Shows or Lobby Point of Purchace Advertising

Banner stands are not just for trade show advertising. Besides being conveniently small when rolled up in their case and being light weight and easy to transport, banner stands also make ideal advertising platforms for your lobby, or even point of purchase displays.

They don't take up much space because they're mostly vertical. They accept full color graphics. And because they are eye level, they can pack a big advertising punch. For instance, in many bank lobbies these days, you'll see them prominently displaying the bank logo and a message. They can work in many retail settings as well. Think of them as branding your lobby.